Because of their superior finish, TIG and MIG welding have long been regarded as effective solutions for welding compact items. However, such welding needs experience and finesse and, despite the flexibility, has a slew of disadvantages. On the other hand, laser welding is a great alternative that typically surpasses arc welding procedures, and its finely focused beam reduces heating impacts. Laser welding can do welding jobs that traditional welding processes cannot.

Laser welding uses have significantly increased in recent years because of the many advantages of laser processing that are being identified and used to make better goods at higher productivity and lower cost. Laser welding is flexible and may be used to combine microscopic electronic components or to weld steel structures up to 1 inch (25 millimeters) thick.

This welding technique using advanced laser welding machinery and other high-tech tools is reliable and simple to automate. These characteristics make the process a prime fit for high-productivity processes.  Processing can be exceedingly sophisticated, with millions of pieces produced using computer-numerically controlled (CNC) manipulators, robots, or other highly automated systems.

Superior Metal Works offers laser welding services. Our highly experienced laser welders possess the technical competence and attention to detail required to complete all your laser welding tasks with precision.

We employ cutting-edge micro laser welding technology to complete even the most complex welding tasks. Laser welding eliminates over-penetration and substrate damage, and it may be utilized with more materials than micro TIG welding, including ferrous and nonferrous materials. It’s an excellent alternative for repairs since it utilizes less heat than many other welding procedures, resulting in a smaller heat-affected zone, less weld sink and distortion, and less discoloration. Micro laser welding is also very effective for mending polished and textured surfaces.

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