Roll forming is a high-speed, high-efficiency metalworking technique that uses rollers to bend and mold metal into complicated forms for big production runs. Roll forming, as an alternative to stamping, extrusion, and press braking, can provide excellent performance, tighter tolerances, and high flexibility, with applications ranging from metal furniture and appliances to construction materials such as steel channels, flashing, tubes, support frames, and more.

Roll forming is a zero-heat technology that uses less energy than traditional forming methods that do use heat. Roll forming can remove the requirement for machining since it does not generate the same wear and tear as stamping or other methods. Lower labor needs will cut the cost of this bespoke metal manufacturing procedure even further.

With metal rolling machines, almost any metal can be formed into different shapes including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvalume, electro-galvanized steel, copper, cold rolled steel, brass, and others.

At Superior Metal Works, we use advanced design tools to make the metal rolling or roll-forming process high-speed, efficient, and flexible with precision, quality, and consistency. We have inline sweeping and arcing capabilities that enable us to make complicated, beautiful curves and bends for aesthetics in products like fire rings, tanks, hangers, hooks, etc.

Roll shaping is not appropriate for every item or product. Another procedure, such as hydroforming, may be appropriate for limited runs and prototyping, and Superior Metal Works will always offer the best metal forming service for the task. Roll forming can save time and money over other techniques of manufacturing while increasing speed, precision, consistency, and quality for applications that are suitable for it.

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